I have never done a blog before, so, bare with me,  but, it seems to be a good thing to do considering we are departing tomorrow to travel as much of the world as possible!!! We will be posting updates on here as well as our photos and even travel ideas, so feel free to read, comment, etc and keep up to date with our adventures!! ✈️🌏🌍🌎

We fly tomorrow on the best adventure…2 months driving across America, 🇺🇸visiting all of Central America and parts of South America!! It will truly be an experience of a lifetime!!

Our bestie 💑has just turned up to say “see you later” as true friends never say “goodbye.” There are so many adventures that await us! So many journeys, people to meat, food to try, places to visit…and we cannot wait!!! We hope we have managed to see everyone before we go and if we haven’t then we’re sorry! It has been a magical few weeks seeing everyone and eating and drinking our weight in food and drink!! But now it is out time to venture out into the wide world with massive backpacks (which are insanely heavy!!) but it is so unbelievably exciting!!! I have set this blog up to document our travels and will post it so you can read about it if you wish!!! To everyone who had wished us bon voyage, thank you!!!

See you all soon!!

Emma and Nathan xxx