I did it!! I drove the teeny tiny bit of road from the MacDonalds car park next to our hotel and parked in the underground car park at our hotel!! Admittedly the first thing I did was slam on the accelerator thinking it was the clutch 😂 whoops! Luckily the handbrake was on and we were still in park!! I then turned to Nathan and asked where the clutch was so I could put it in gear! What an idiot! I was only driving back to the hotel because he was scoffing down a mcflurry 🙊. It was pitch black and raining and I had never driven an automatic before but I got us back safe and sound, with a few shouts of “move over you’re too close!” Genuinely felt like I should have had learner plates on the car!

This morning consisted of making waffles for breakfast before we embark on the short journey to Lexington. Lexington/Concord/Boston take me back to my PS3-playing days and after walking around them I genuinely felt like I was part of assassins creed 3!! I’m sure some of you out there catch my drift! (Tom!!) Lexington was a quaint town where most things were sadly closed. There seems to be a thing about Wednesdays in this part of America. We visited the Buckman Tavern, (where we bought a postcard for 50c and the ladies in there let us off the 3c tax as we didn’t fully read the sign😂), Hancock-Clarke House and the Battle Green before moving onto Salem.

Salem was a short 16 mile journey from Lexington and again somewhere you can park up and easily walk around…even when it is raining 😊 and you don’t have an umbrella! Everything mentioned so far you can use as part of a GoBoston city card (which you buy for a certain number of days) so you don’t have to pay admission on the door and it works out cheaper for attractions doing it that way!
Soooo nothing like driving 30 miles in the wrong direction thinking that Harvard University will be in Harvard…fact for you…it’s in Cambridge!!! Whoops. Probably not quite a big of a whoops as getting to the bottom of the road after re-setting the sat nav and Nathan going “definitely drove the whole of that road on the wrong side!” And yes we were both totally oblivious until we reached the junction…still on the wrong side 😂

We eventually drove 30 miles in the right direction, narrowly getting taken out by a huuuuge truck getting blown into our lane by the wind, to hit Boston….WOW….how can I describe Boston?  Absolutely extortionate!! We were going to go to the Red Sox vs Yankees at Fenway Park but parking was going to cost between $23 and $50!! So we will go see a game in another state!

Even the car park we stopped in to get a cheeky Hard Rock Cafe cost $7 for 20 minutes!! As travelling bums we don’t have that capital to throw away, even for a great experience so next time we will use park and ride! Driving round Boston reminded us of Florence last year where I had a minor breakdown at the wheel because every road was one way, people kept honking their horn and the best bit about here? You can turn right on a red light! What the heck is that all about? We’re there causally stopped on red and all kinda horns are beeping behind us because despite being on red, we can go…work that one out 😂😂😂
Anyhoo we are now exiting Boston making our way up to Vermont. Not bad, been in the country 2 days now and covered off New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts all whilst rocking out to 103.3FM….

Until tomorrow….