After a few days away relaxing, I was hoping they’d forgotten about my stupid comment about potentially wanting to ride The Hulk at Universal Studios. Sadly, they hadn’t. Monday morning would see our final visit to Disney Springs to pick up everything we wanted/needed.We had fun in the Harley Davidson shop. Met several different LEGO characters in the LEGO shop where Nathan also managed to get a free keyring. I swear that boy will find something free everywhere he goes.I mean don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve said in almost every post that I want this job or that job, but seriously, how awesome would it have been to be the person that gets to build life size LEGO characters for a living? Insanely awesome I hear you say? Exactly my thoughts too! We also came up with the idea that they should turn the beautiful blue river that runs through Disney Springs into a lazy river.On a boiling hot morning such as this, it would have been so refreshing to take a dip in the water! After a delicious Blaze Pizza, where I was good and had a salad, we headed back to Universal, still hoping that I wouldn’t end up riding the Hulk. 😬

Nope. We walked in and the queue was ten minutes long. That’s ok I thought to myself, ten minutes to prepare myself for what awaited me. The quickest ten minutes of my entire life. No sooner had we passed thorough the x-ray scanners we were ushered into our rows: Brenda, Sam and Rich in the back row, Nathan and I just in front. Oh my god.

They came along and strapped us in and I told the attendant to make sure I literally could not move, not even a millimetre. I turned to Nathan and told him I wanted to get off. That I couldn’t breathe. That my mouth was so dry my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth. I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Where to put my head. Nothing.

Then the ride started. I was literally petrified. And I had a right to be. No sooner had we set off at a gentle pace climbing the slope, we were thrown out of the hole going up and down and round and round with me screaming at the top of my lungs. Once we got past the first full loop, I actually found myself….

Enjoying it!!! I even took my hands off of the handles I was griping so tightly on to! The worst part about it all was my head banging in the harness thing resulting in a headache! I wasn’t even screaming in the photo! I was so proud of myself that I actually did it!I had conquered one of my fears! From there, the boys wanted to go on Rip Ride Rocket. Now I was feeling brave but not bloody stupid!There are so many different rides within Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios that after going there, I truly think there is something for everyone. Even a wimp like me! A trip to Universal wouldn’t be complete without a Shrek 4D experience. Here, was a fun, 4D theatre, a ‘sequel’ to the credits after Shrek and Fiona got they’re happily ever after. I must say I did giggle.

We left via Hard Rock Cafe, the largest in the world, and headed back to the villa. We weren’t to see Universal or Islands of Adventure again this trip. The good thing about having a villa is having home cooked food be it a snack, a sandwich, toast or even nachos. Nathan and I grew tired of eating out every night we were away staying in hostels, mainly because we didn’t want to fight over the kitchen and it wouldn’t have been that economical for us to do so, so to have somewhere even chucking a couple of pizzas in the oven, felt nicer than eating out.

Until next time…