I pretty much fell asleep the journey home and as we pulled into Nathan’s, he chucked the two cases in the back of Sam’s car, which he has kindly leant me for the weekend, and then began the laborious task of again, unpacking and packing. By this point I wasn’t feeling massively tired, but I knew if I stopped, I’d hit a brick wall and probably not wake up until next year.

So I was productive. I unpacked both bags, sorted out the small bit of washing, put Nathan’s things back into the bag, did some washing up, had a shower and started to get ready what I’d need to take out to Australia on the Monday.

After that, I dropped the bags back at Nathan’s, waking everybody up and then remembering I had a key to get in, whoops, before heading to see our friends, the Adams, for a cup of tea and biscuits. I devoured a whole packet. It was great to catch up and then I headed home to pootle about for a bit, before deciding to head to the pub to see my bestie Matt. Hopefully he is now happy, albeit probably not even reading this, that he has now been mentioned! The pub then lead on to a good game of monopoly, where Tom, Danie and Matt didn’t like the way I set out my money.Personally I think it suits my personality. A bit scatty!A game of a UNO followed where Tom was granted to ultimate winner. I got rid of my car by in January to help save money for his trip so it felt so good being able to drive again. Everyone else probably felt less safe knowing I was back on the road briefly but I had great fun!

Body clocks a mess, I couldn’t sleep Saturday night and think it was only about 2am by the time I nodded off. That meant I slept until about 1030am and only woke up because I got woken up by my brother. Rude ey! I popped to see Chrissy Sunday morning and had a catch up over tea, and then spent the day with my Mum 😊.

She made me pack which I did pretty well and relatively quickly, and also drove me to get more antibiotics for my still skanky legs. You’d think they’d have cleared up by now but no, no they haven’t. Another sleepless night ensued and this time it was 3am by the time I fell asleep with an alarm set for 510am. I surprised myself by jumping out of bed, getting ready and managing tea and toast for breakfast. By 6am we were on our way to Heathrow.

It took a couple of hours to get there due to two accidents, but Mum dropped us off at terminal 2, we said goodbye and heading in to get our boarding passes and dump our luggage. That all happened very quickly and within half an hour we were sat down to breakfast.We were due to fly at 1230 with Thai Airways. I was so excited about sitting on the top deck of the plane. It felt so weird walking up stairs on a plane!We were at the back of the plane but I loved it! The plane was kitted out in pink and purple, the air hostesses and stewards looked immaculate and I even had my own little cubby hole next to me by the window. That was because the overhead compartments were tiny though.We sat down and got settled. There were hundreds of movies on the in flight entertainment system and the food was delicious. First up, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Minced Pork Kra Pao.The food was so tasty! The drinks were brought round frequently and the overall flight to Bangkok was pretty damn good! Except for the hideous woman behind us, who thought economy meant first class, demanding food not on the menu, nor had she ticked the vegetarian meal when booking her flight, she stole wine from the back, for horrifically drunk and was so unbelievably abusive to the cabin crew that the captain came to see her to tell her if she didn’t remain silent, completely silent for the rest of the flight, they’d have her arrested in Bangkok.

We landed in Bangkok and got a bit lost in the airport. I mean it’s huge and we couldn’t see where the connecting flight area was, and when we got through there, we then couldn’t find gate c. Still, the airport was beautiful, full of shops and places to eat and the most elegant structures.After eventually finding gate c4, we boarded an older plane, not quite as fancy as the one before.Breakfast was served not long after take off and consisted of omelette, tomato and a chicken sausage. I poked it and left it. Breakfast on the first flight was a cheese omelette, which I actually ate, two herby sausages and what tasted like a marinara sauce, it was delicious. After breakfast, I must have had about seven hours sleep. No lunch for me!

We landed in Sydney at around 830pm, got straight off and went through these self serve machines, where you scan your passport, answer a few questions, the machine then prints you a ticket out which allows you to skip all human interaction at immigration. Instead you go to other machines, put your ticket in, smile at the camera and then exit to baggage claim. But hold on a minute….


Heartbroken at not receiving a stamp, we got our bags and exited through customs. Following the signs for yellow express pick up, w met our Uber driver, Paul, who would take us to Home backpackers hostel. He was incredibly informative about the places to see and how to get around. Once we were dropped off, we had to call the hostel to let us in. Finally we made it to bed. Exhausted. Not knowing which day it was! Our bodies had gone from being five hours behind in Orlando to normal at home, to six hours ahead in Bangkok, and now ten hours ahead in Sydney.

And as I stand here at Sydney domestic airport, we shall be going back in time by an hour as we fly to the Gold Coast…

Until next time….