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“From rainy Sydney to the sunny Gold Coast….”


Here’s a few things I’ve learned about the Aussies and Australia in the first 24 hours…

The flight to the Gold Coast only lasted an hour. We were given cider and wine and went from chilly Sydney to the 26 degree heat of the Gold Coast.We almost forgot to collect our bag from the carousel as we were collecting maps from the visitors information stand. Jodie arrived to meet us so we purchased our Go Card and hopped on the bus to our destination. Chamonix is a long term rental area which has beautiful houses, a pool and is literally about 400m from the beach. Ideal!

The sun came out and the three of us sat in the garden drinking beer and catching up. Jodie has been out here in Australia for just under three months so we picked her brains on how to get around and her life in a camper van! I also asked where we can see a kangaroo in the wild, to which I got the response, in the wild. Whoops.

Beer finished we headed to Nobbys Arc, which was just across the main road, and was closed, so we sat in the cafe next door. The sun was scorching and the beer was ice cold.Once the cafe closed at 4pm, we headed down to Miami Beach. The sand was so soft and weirdly squeaky. Yes it squeaked! To our left we had surfers paradise and to our right we had Byron Bay.The sea wasn’t particularly warm and the beach was empty. The sun sets here at just before 6pm so Jodie knew of a good place to watch the sunset. That meant a massive hike to Burleigh head. We were on the lookout for dragons but didn’t see any. Instead, the trees were filled with the squawks of parrots. We walked along a path running parallel to the beach.There was gym equipment the whole way along, people running, lots of people running the one place I wasn’t in my gym gear! They seem to finish work and either grab their surfboards and head to the sea or don their sweats and head out for a run. Not a jog either, a run! It was a nice walk but half way I hit a brick wall of tiredness. Plus I can’t recall the last time I actually walked that far in flip flops!

We eventually reached Burleigh Head and sat down on the grass. People around us were sitting with beer and blankets. They clearly knew it got cold, and it did. It was pretty much freezing as the wind whipped off the sea. There were people kayaking and playing in the sea and a turkey just casually running around.Then a couple sat down with alcohol in brown bags and food wrapped up in paper. Back home, the only food that comes wrapped up in paper is fish and chips. Nathan not so stealthily went to see what it was. Oh my god. It was fish and chips. The sun had set, the sky didn’t fill with beautiful colours so we went to locate the fish and chip shop. On the way we passed an outdoor kitchen!They actually have places here outside where you can bring your own food and cook it! The chip shop wasn’t far at all!It was very busy and we ate in. You know when you have an idea of what you’re expecting to get to eat? Chunky chips smothered in salt and vinegar and a battered sausage. I was so looking forward to it. Then….Instead, we received two corn dogs and chips! Don’t get me wrong it was delicious, but, not what we were expecting. It filled a hole for our three mile walk back. We walked along the main roads as it was warmer than the path along the beach and got back in about an hour. Jodie showed us the pool which was lit up blue, green and red and looked incredibly inviting!As we got back to the house, Chris, the resident was there and invited us to watch a film that had just started. I was so tired that I politely declined and I went straight to bed and was out like a light….

Until next time…

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