When you think of Australia you don’t really think it rains or gets chilly. Let me tell you. It does. We woke up Thursday morning to a completely grey sky and horrible wet stuff falling from the clouds. We’d gone from beautiful blue sky upon arriving to that in the space of about 24 hours. Not cool Australia. Not cool. Allegedly it’s going in to summer here too…

We wandered across the road in the rain to Espresso 52 where we indulged in a delicious breakfast and milkshake. Oh my god it was divine.I had a tasty sweet corn fritter with bacon and it was incredible. Washed down with an awesome strawberry milkshake it set me up for the day! From breakfast we popped into the BWS shop next door to get some beer bottles so Nathan could add to his bottle top collection and I picked up some wine which had such cool labels!The rain did begin to subside but the clouds still covered the sky. That didn’t deter us from heading to the pool in the apartment complex though! We spent a good few hours there chilling out, in the pool and finished it off with a visit to the hot tub.As the kids were kicking out from school around 3pm we headed back in to shower and listen to some old school tunes before heading out for dinner. We chose Mexicali, another restaurant along the strip across the road from where we’re staying. So glad I put a jumper on as the wind picked up and it did get much colder. As we sat at around 6pm, I was in awe of the lack of rush hour traffic there was. I mean there was none! We hadn’t seen a queue of cars the whole time we’ve been in Australia so far! The sun had set leaving a few streaks of colour in the sky.Our food came. Jodie and I ordered nachos to begin with whilst Nathan had tacos. The food here has been so tasty so far and it tastes healthy too! I mean we’ve barely seen a large Australian and the restaurants have been packed so there’s clearly a healthy element to the food! Still hungry after nachos, we ordered corn on the cob which had cheese and a spice on it. It was possibly the best thing I have ever tasted.My throat had begun to hurt so when we got back to the apartment my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light. Sadly I was then awake every couple of hours and woke up Friday morning feeling even worse. My whole body ached. That sucked as the sky was totally clear and bright blue. Still, we headed back over to Espresso 52 where the guys played noughts and crossesand I had a ham and cheese croissant instead for breakfast. It is a very busy place for breakfast and I’m not surprised as the food is just fantastic. After picking up some ibruprofen from the chemist we headed to the pool. I managed to finish my second book in ‘The Return’ series and tried to fill in my white strap marks! The sun was scorching and the pool was delightfully refreshing.Once we were satisfied we had caught enough sun, and just as the dark grey clouds rolled in, we headed Black for a shower before jumping in the bus up to Broadbeach. There, we visited an awesome souvenir shop so we could get some bits. By now I was feeling totally wretched so we stopped in The Loose Moose for dinner.The food was again delicious, and as we were eating these two Aussies on the table behind us started talking to us asking where we’re from etc. As soon as we said England, they said Dorset! Then Bournemouth! No one ever knows Dorset or Bournemouth when we say we’re from England, they only know London or Manchester. It was so weird. We got chatting about them and us and found out that Peter used to live in Italy for 15 years but came to a big wholesaler in Bournemouth to buy glasses etc in bulk to do business with retailers across Europe. Damien actually lived in a block of flats Nathan delivered to as a dotcom driver. It was totally bizarre. They even knew the shop we worked in in Bournemouth! Damien kept going on about synchronicity and as you listened to them, it was if they’d known each other for years. They hadn’t! They met on the job six weeks a go!

They were telling us about a monorail that used to go overhead, the fact that the bar we were in used to be the entrance of the hotel and two separate bars, the area hosts festivals and that a month ago when they had really strong winds a table blew off the 26th floor of the above building and smashed into the glass roof above the McDonald’s. they were full of information and stories. It was amazing.

Jodie was talking about where she’s been on her travels in Australia so far and as soon as she mentioned Broome, Peter swung in with, “all they do is sweep there,” followed by “Broome…the place that’ll sweep you away.” I mean we erupted into hysterics and the laughs kept on coming. It was such a fun evening and Peter wouldn’t let us pay for our food either! He took the bill as soon as it was put down and then Damien brought his wife and two adorable kids in to meet us! The whole evening felt so surreal but it was utterly hilarious!

They left, Damien to go have dinner with his wife and kids and Peter to get bread for his Mum and then we headed to the bus stop to catch our bus back. Despite hitting the stop button, the douchebag bus driver continued going and going and going until he eventually decided to stop when he saw fit. He passed about twenty bus stops before we eventually got off and then hiked it back to the apartment. It was time to chill, Kris came home and we watched Stranger Things on Netflix which is actually pretty good!!

Until next time…