The weather certainly wasn’t letting up. Saturday saw a downpour of rain and yet we weren’t deterred from heading out. First stop, as always, breakfast. 52 Espresso is officially one of my favourite places. It was back to the sweet corn fritter this morning to set us up for a wet trip down to Surfers Paradise.

The bus we caught took us to Broadbeach and then we got the tram to Surfers. All in all it took about twenty minutes. First stop was Hard Rock Cafe, which had a bit of a twist to it with their own version of a wall of fame imprinted into the ground outside. From there we headed to take a peek in Coles and the numerous souvenir shops dotted about. They had everything and it had a really nice chilled vibe to it.

Then we stumbled on this.

Crazy! A whole shop full of condoms. We didn’t enter, instead we headed to the beach. The rain was just about giving way by now which was a welcome relief. There were quite a few people out with their boards and some sort of netball-style tournament going on too. We didn’t stop for long, instead we had the bright idea to walk back to the apartment. About five miles.

Now, not only had the rain decided to stop, the temperature was getting hotter and every so often glimpses of sun appeared through the clouds. That mean I was getting sweatier and sweatier. Why I didn’t put my gym gear on is beyond me. I totally could have fooled people into thinking it was exercise-related!

The walk admittedly didn’t take that long and it was around two in the afternoon we finally got back. First stop shower, second stop, cards in the garden. By now, it was nice enough to sit in the garden and chill out playing an array of card games. It was so chilled it was awesome. As the heavens opened once again, we moved the party indoors where we decided we were too lazy to go out and eat, so we ordered dominos.

I haven’t had dominos in ages and it tasted soooo good! The store messed up our order several times so we have a couple of vouchers to use at a later date! As the food and drinks were flowing, Kris came home from the pub and decided to tell us about a new game. For the PG version I’ll call it ‘Kings and Servants.’

The worst thing he could possibly have done was introduce us to this game. Basically, the loser has to clear away the cards and give their best cards to the King. There’s obviously more to it than that but it also brings out an inner demon in you. I can see why it could end up in fisticuffs and ruin friendships and relationships. I mean it is that competitive.

Needless to say, I failed to get the grip of it to begin with so I was stuck being the ‘servant’ for most of the game until all of a sudden I mastered an epic comeback, was crowned ‘king’ only to then lose it again. We ended up playing until about 2am! It was a really good day!

The card tournaments continued through to Sunday as the rain was pouring all day. We chilled right up until we went back to Mexicali for dinner, which was d-e-licious! Some may argue why I have the same thing each time, but if it’s goooood why risk something not being as tasty? Exactly!

Monday has rolled around pretty quick and it was time to pack, wash and change bedding, indulge in a last breakfast at 52 Espresso before heading to the airport to bid farewell to Jodie and to the Gold Coast. It was time to fly back to Sydney to continue our travels around this awesome, albeit, wet country!

Until next time….