“Have a nice walk back through the botanical gardens,” the woman said. “Find your own way over the domain,” the woman said. What she failed to tell us is how to get out of the botanical gardens. I had navigated us thus far so I wasn’t about to stop. We walked in and there were people sitting having picnics and a couple of guys having a photo shoot and changing clothes for each shot. I took a photo of a map of the gardens as we entered but didn’t think to use it as I took us to a dead end. Not once, but twice. We passed the Japanese gardens and hit a dead end so walked back the other way, passing the photo shoot for the third time.I don’t really like plants, flowers or trees but the botanical gardens we’ve seen have been very beautiful. This one was no exception. They even had a subantarctic plant station which was only at 8 degrees so I’m sure that’s warmer than the Antarctic? Ushuaia was colder than that!!We, at this point were just following another couple thinking they were leaving so would help us get out. Turns out they were going to the herb garden, which was meant to have an exit but the door was padlocked sooooo we were stuck. Again.Eventually we located a walk way that took us out but we were probably lost inside for an hour or so. Worse places to get stuck though!! The next part continued to take us along the bay until we hit Liverpool Street.Still most places were closed and as we reached the hostel we wandered what delightful stories our neighbours would give us that evening. Firstly, we had the squeaking of the headboard. Bet you can guess what they were up to 😜. Then we had a discussion about what they call drugs so that people don’t know what they’re talking about. Next up came the fact he’s going back to jail because he’s been caught too many times jumping cars. Naughty naughty. All the while, smoking and coughing until a woman told them to shut up. It was like a live version of Eastenders every night!

We had a lazy morning on our last day in Tasmania and planned to have noodles for lunch before heading out to explore the town. The kitchen wasn’t clean though. We paid more for this one room than we did for the whole garage in Freshwater. People hadn’t washed up, the bowls were caked in solidified food where they hadn’t been cleaned properly so we left and sought out McDonald’s. On our way we located a cafe with Nathan’s namesake so of course we had to indulge in a donut! A ring donut with chocolate inside. Yum!! The streets were bustling after everywhere being shut on Thursday. We dipped in and out of souvenir shops and worked our way to Salamanca Square.We passes Franklin Square and the government building as we found ourselves by the water. It was a glorious day to be wandering round this almost forgotten part of Australia. Everywhere you looked there was something quirky or just lovely to look at. We walked along the water to the cenotaph and from there back along Liverpool Street.These statues along the water edge added a nice touch to the surroundings. They even had a wine weekend of the 28th October!! Sadly it was white wine though. The cenotaph was pristine and the end had a nice view of the town and the towering Mt Wellington. It really is a beautiful place. They even have the oldest synagogue in Australia!The signs are quirky and remind me of children’s storybooks, they also had another Big Ben style clock!I cant honestly say that I didn’t expect Hobart to be as beautiful as I was. Tasmania is often a part of Australia forgotten, but if you’re visiting, it should be on your list! Our time had come to an end so with our alarms set for yet another ungodly hour, we packed up our things and waited for our ride to the airport.

Our destination was sydney. Well, more Brighton-le-sands, where we would be staying in another Airbnb for the night, because again, it was cheaper than a hostel!

Until next time….