So the weather was still against us as we headed into Sunday. What on earth the weather gods up there are doing is beyond me, but they’re shining warmth and sun somewhere other than here! Not impressed! I mean, my family are probably going to go home less tanned than they were at the rate it’s going. “Australia boasts 300 days of summer a year…” bollocks does it!!

Rant over. We decided to brave the rain Sunday and headed out to Ku-Ring Gai National Park, about an hour outside of Sydney. It was very humid but at least it wasn’t raining. We entered at the Bobbin Head entrance and proceeded along the road until we found the car park/visitors centre. From there, it was a walk along the river to the Mangrove boardwalk.The boardwalk ran just above the mangroves winding itself through the vegetation.It wasn’t a long or short walk really it was just pleasant to stroll amongst the greenery. Even with the grey clouds it was luscious green all around. At the end of the boardwalk we came across some steps which led up to an old aboriginal axe grinding site. Along the way we encountered some rocks to clamber upon to take photos of the view around us. The axe grinding site was preserved by a barrier asking people not to walk on it. You could easily see the indents across the sandstone. We debated whether to keep on walking or turn back and explore more of the park. Option 2 was the vote.

We needed up at West Head which was a bit of a circle at the top of a windy road. From here, we could see lion island and across to palm beach, which is where the infamous ‘Home and Away’ is filmed!The views were truly tremendous and no amount of our amateur photography could do it justice! With the clouds the best I could do was to keep the horizon horizontal!

Next stop was the Elvina Track, which was one track that branched into two, allegedly. We found the car park and set upon our way.The track was gravelly and we were meant to branch off to the left a short distance into the original track, which would then lead to a waterfall and a pool we could swim in. Where on earth this track was and where on earth this waterfall was is beyond me. We must have been walking about thirty minutes before we were constantly going downhill, only was it then we realised we probably weren’t where we intended to be. That meant a thirty minute hike pretty much uphill back to the car! Never mind!

There was a waterfall listed as a place to visit so we stopped there along our route. So it wasn’t exactly gushing but a waterfall it was nonetheless! The drive through the park was a long winding road with lush vegetation and sandstone rocks lining the way. On our way out, we decided to swing by Palm Beach which was, incredibly wavey, before heading back for steak and sweet potato fries!It was delicious….

Until next time….