Monday rolled around and still the sun didn’t want to shine fully for us. Still, we set off towards Manly to visit their Sea Life Centre. Parking, is a nightmare and so expensive. We did however, find a council car park that gives the first two hours free! Result! From there, we headed to the beach.The beach was actually closed. The steps were full of people watching the waves, which is swear got up to about six metres at times, crashing down to shore. No swimmers were in the sea but as always, the surfers were out there waiting to catch that epic ride! Starbucks in hand, we sat and watched as they crashed down. It was in complete contrast to the water over by the Sea Life Centre. There it was calm and tranquil with swimmers doing lengths in the netting.The Manly Sea Life Centre is closing. I don’t know why but it is possibly the smallest aquarium I have ever visited. That being said, they do shark dives there which allows you to get into the tank with the sharks and rays. We didn’t do that, instead we just wandered round the small exhibition.They had starfish, sea horses, all different kinds of fish, turtles, a baby crocodile on one level and then you either go up to the penguin section or down to the tunnel full of rays and sharks.

We were probably in and out of the aquarium within an hour but that meant we had time for lunch. With the aquarium, we purchased a three attraction pass for $60 and it allows you into three of the following; Manly Sea Life Centre, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife Zoo, Sydney Tower Eye or a tree top trail somewhere. We got it because the weather was dreadful and couldn’t think of things to do in crappy weather. Lunch was at Nando’s followed by a peruse along The Corso just before the heavens decided to open.

Back at the car, the question was where to next? On the way back towards the city centre, we stopped by McDougall Street. This time of year in Sydney is beautiful because all the jacarandas are in bloom filling the sky and the ground with stunning purple.

They are everywhere and the whole of McDougall Street was lit up lilac. It’s a noted tourist spot and the road was full with cars lined either side and people stood in the middle of the street, trying not to get mowed down as they snapped away.

Next on the agenda was Sydney Tower Eye. We waited until after five in the afternoon as parking was a set rate of $12, compared to the extortionate prices you’d pay for daytime. We got lost and ended up in Myers as opposed to Westgate Shopping Mall, which was where the Tower is situated. Once we eventually found our way, we had the obligatory photo and then went up 44 seconds in the lift to the observation deck.

The views were fantastic, it was just a shame that some angles meant reflections of people and windows. You could see as far as the Tasman Sea and everything in the local vicinity and further. The only downside was that the towering buildings covered the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. After a look round the gift shop we headed toward Circular Quay for a drink before the light-show started, hoping this time that we will actually see all of it!As we exited we were greeted by the players from the Rugby League World Cup. Not actual players but stands, one per country just outside Myers. They were lighting up too! The sun was setting as we got to the Opera Bar so we had a drink and wandered up to the podium by the Opera House.We didn’t know if the show was the same every night but as it got about two thirds of the way in, we realised it was the same as the one we had watched the previous week. Still, the show is amazing and I don’t think I could ever get tired of the amazing views that this country has shown us so far!Until next time…