We woke early Thursday, packed all our things up and as we were saying goodbye to Helen, she said she’d get breakfast started! What??? We get breakfast the day we check out too?? We sure did!A delicious fruit platter then bacon on toast after I palmed off the grilled tomato to Nathan! Just what we needed to set us up for the day. As we were eating we exchanged Airbnb stories as they had stayed in a few during their time in England. We said our goodbyes and set off for our next destination. Redcliffe.

We had another Airbnb booked for the following two nights and as the weather wasn’t improving we sold our camping gear in order to pay for those nights. We had a bit of time until we could drop the items off so stopped at Bee Gees Way.It was a whole alley dedicated to the band members sanctioned by Barry. It told you all about their history through a timeline.It was wonderful. There was a TV showing interviews with them and some of their hits playing too. Every night there is also a light show. The family emigrated to Redcliffe in 1958 and they are the areas most famous residents! 60 photos, 13 album covers and aspects of their lives are plastered along this walkway. It’s a must visit if you’re in the area!

As well as Bee Gees Way, Redcliffe has a lot of history about it. Redcliffe was the first European settlement in Queensland, in 1824.The first settlement wall honours the first inhabitants, the Ningy Ningy clan of the Gubbi Gubbi people. The names are those who came ashore in the 1824 settlement. The memorial wall is in the shape of the sails of the ‘Amity.’Satisfied we had found the fascinating history of this small suburb of Brisbane, we went to to drop our camping gear off, collected the money and continued on our way.

We passed through some roads that had the most beautiful houses on. The road was so wide and instead of gardens, their houses backed into the marina where there boats were moored! As standard, the rain began to pour just as we checked into our next Airbnb.

The evening consisted of three loads of washing and drying laundry to then pack it all away only to realise that we had run out of room and weight in our cases! Then it was a standard evening of noodles for dinner and a bit more David Attenborough.

Until next time…