My god my whole body was killing me come Sunday. The endless bouts of cramp in my legs throughout the night after our epic jaunt along the Besseggen Ridge on Saturday, meant I was in for a world of pain as we packed up our things to vacate our Airbnb.

Our destination was the Hadeland Glassverks, which was about half an hour away from our Airbnb. Here was where we were to make our own glass. I went in thinking I wasn’t going to make anything but then the realised I could make my own wine glass!!!Imagine my disappointment when there were only four types we could make, none of which were a wine glass. Still, it was a good experience despite the fact the guy didn’t really speak English!We had to wait for an hour and a half for the glass to cool so we went exploring in the area. There were shops selling homeware items and some selling glass made in the factory in all shapes, sizes and colours. There was even a Waffle House! It was a very cute area that we were in. We wandered round, watching some guys make ice cream from scratch and eyeing up souvenirs in the souvenir shop. We didn’t come away with anything but…they had horse and moose meat on sale alongside displays of candy and other sweet treats from all over the world.It was a very cute shop. They also had a honey shop, candle shop as well as a lovely cafe.Once we had grabbed a drink and a pizza roll, we collected or glasses and continued our journey to Oslo and our hotel.We were able to use our Tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for our hotel for two nights too so that helped bring the cost down as accommodation in Oslo, especially in the centre is pretty expensive! We were within walking distance to all the main sites of Oslo. After checking in and dumping our bags in our top floor room we headed out into the glorious sunshine.After passing a huge church, we came across the Royal Palace, the spectacular feature at the end of Karl Johans Gate.From the top of the steps you could see all the way down Karl Johan’s Gate, the main thoroughfare through central Oslo. It reminded me a bit of Canberra in Australia. We were hungry (as usual) so sought out Hard Rock Cafe.The building was spectacular and all along the roadside were cute canopies where people could sit and eat/drink outside the restaurants lining the pavement. We went in out of the heat (it was 27 degrees!!!) and proceeded to order. Nathan ordered the local legendary which in this case was no other than a moose burger! Yes you heard right, he actually ate moose!!! Normally a fussy, relatively bland eater, I was so proud he had decided to try it. I went for a salad.The moose burger was apparently a little dry so probably doesn’t need to be cooked as long as beef? Who knows. Still, at least he enjoyed it. Stomachs full, we continued wandering down Karl Johan’s Gate, stopping wherever there was a 7-11 so we could get something to drink as it was sweltering!There was a huge fountain opposite Hard Rock Cafe that lead us down to the Storting building, otherwise known as Parliament. This impressive building came into use in 1866 and it is a magnificent structure.

Karl Johan’s Gate was full of shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes and went all the way down to the Opera House, which we found out in our last day in Norway. We started to head back to our hotel ready for our last full day of exploration.The buildings were stunning. Everywhere we turned, impressive architecture greeted us. Some were like the Royal Palace for example, others were simply mesmerising shop buildings!City Hall and the university were two other spectacular buildings along Karl Johan’s Gate, made even more pretty by the ‘bowls’ of purple and white flowers lining either side of the road.

Many miles walked in the searing heat, we made it back to our hotel, packed up our things, which is always THE worst part of the holiday and proceeded to sleep ready for our final day.

Until next time…