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“Boa Vista…a Cape Verde Island…”


14 hour sleep. Cannot remember the last time I slept that long or that solidly!! It was epic. However we did miss dinner so that meant we woke up hungry! The breakfast buffet consisted of the usual continental sorts and hot plates full of delicious bacon, amongst other things. There was a huge variety so no one would go hungry!After breakfast we wandered along the back of the hotel to admire the view out of the sea! You could hear the waves crashing down from the sun beds. The wind was fierce! Needless to say there weren’t many people utilising the sun beds on the beach!The day was spent chilling by the pool, reading, occasionally dipping into the cool water. It was pure relaxation. We pretty much did the same for the rest of the week but it was what was needed. We haven’t had a holiday that didn’t involve hiking, biking, trekking, or any sort of activity so to just sit and chill for a week felt almost alien!The swim up bar was amazing. They served everything from 10am, from beer to cocktails, to wine and soft drinks as well as spirits! The bar tenders were happy and cheerful and were happy to offer up drink suggestions! We would go back to the room around 5pm as the sun would start to set and the temperature began to drop. Sometimes we would have decorative flowers etc placed on the beds and the bathroom as a nice little touch. Then it would be time to shower and change for dinner. There was a dress code for dinner and it is actually the first hotel I have ever stayed in where they ask guests to leave if they’re not dressed “appropriately.” It did however seem unfair that the guys were being asked to leave for wearing a vest top, yet the girls could wear skimpy tops and tiny skirts/dresses. Anyway, the food was SO good at the hotel for lunch and dinner also with such variety! One night they even had a roast dinner! The beer and wine were easy to drink as were the cocktails. There was incredibly cheesy entertainment every evening as well as a 24 hour bar in the reception area and shops that sold food and drink and souvenirs. It truly was a lovely place, if you want a week of doing absolutely nothing. Which we did! They even had a champagne breakfast one morning!The beach didn’t open the whole time we were there, however we did go for a walk along it a few times to witness the massive waves crashing down on the sand. The water was a beautiful clear turquoise, when you could see it over the waves anyway. There were even little stalls selling trinkets and a fraction of the price in the shops.We even found ourselves at the other end of the complex, not realising how big it actually was! There are a la carte restaurants on site which you can book into and we had planned on going to the Italian, until we saw the menu. Our kind of Italian serves pizza and pasta. The Italian here served things I couldn’t even pronounce and appeared to have seafood in most of the set dishes. The buffet it was!It came to our last night so we dressed up and headed off for dinner, drinks and card games. The card games failed as it was incredibly windy so we watched the entertainment instead before getting up early to catch the last couple of hours sun.Then it was time to say goodbye to this island as we got picked up in the coach and taken back to the airport. It was so hot!The airport had two souvenir stands and a bar as well as a pizza stand which served insanely good pizza. The downside was that everywhere (except the pizza stand) only took cash so no souvenirs for us this time. 😔

We boarded the plane, sat in our seats, either side of the aisle again and relaxed for our journey home.One of the funniest moments was when my best friend Matt sent me a screenshot of Nathan and my snapchat locations….This pretty much sums up the relationship between Nathan and I. Me sulking at an airport when flying home and staying put in the hotel not wanting to leave. And repeat for every holiday we go on/come home from 🤣.

Until next time…

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