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“From Lapland to Zurich…🇨🇭”


After our trip to Lapland, that was booked last minute, we landed at Gatwick, stayed in the Travelodge then woke up the following day to drive to Luton, stopping only to enjoy a Toby Carvery breakfast before parking up and missing the first bus to the terminal. Having never flown from Luton, we wanted to get there in plenty of time.The bus to the terminal only runs every 20 minutes so as we sat there in the cold (it was freezing), we took a cheeky selfie, watched the plane spotters noting the plane numbers, then legged it into the terminal as we parked. It wasn’t much of a wait and we were on the plane.We managed to board with priority again, which meant a case in the hold and priority boarding! The flight was only about an hour and twenty minutes and no sooner had Nathan fallen asleep, we were coming into land. Straight off the plane and our bags were already on the carousel. Zurich airport is HUGE! Literally HUGE, with multiple stories and it’s incredibly easy to get lost! First port of call was trying to locate where we get the ‘Zurich Pass’ from. It was on the lower ground level, cost £43 each but was so worth it!

The next part of our trip….

The hotel should have been about a mile away from the airport. We had already deduced we can walk 20 minutes a mile. This however, was NOT a mile!!! We didn’t even know how to exit the airport!! By foot!! Eventually we got outside where the busses were so after asking one of the bus drivers which bus to take to our hotel, we decided to ignore what he said and trek it instead. All we did was follow people and hoped they were taking us out the airport. Thankfully it worked however we underestimated how long it would take to walk to our Ibis Budget hotel. We basically had to walk all the way around the airport and it seemed to take forever. It was about two miles in the end and took about an hour and despite it being cold, I was still sweaty when we arrived.

Check in went quickly and then we changed to locate the tram station that was just down the road. It was the perfect location as the tram station was about a 30 second walk and then it was a 30 minute ride straight into the centre of town. We set out to find food and stumbled across Sam’s Pizza. It was laid out like an American diner and there wasn’t much room but the pizzas were so good!Satisfied our stomachs were full, we attempted to find a shop in the main station to get some drinks and snack for breakfast. It was a very confusing place on our first time in there. Different levels, different ways in and out, many of the same shops meant we were going round in circles. Eventually we found a shop, grabbed a couple of bits and rode the tram back to the hotel so we were refreshed for a full day of exploring the next day…

Until next time…

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