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“Prague…part 1…🇨🇿”


After Zürich it wasn’t long before we were off to Prague. We were going with our friends Ollie and Alex and it was going to be awesome. It was an early wake up call. 3am to pick them up at 4am (or something like that I mean I was half asleep!) eventually got Nelson (the cat) back inside and then we were off. In silence to begin with because it’s early and every single little thing about everyone annoys you, then we were asleep (sorry Nathan)!

We arrived at the airport, Stanstead, parked, bussed it to the terminal and went to bag drop. Wow. Incredibly crappy experience here. Nathan and I went to the bag drop point, got our ticket and sent it on. Ollie and Alex went to one, that was out of ticket roll, then had to queue up to get it done manually, thus eating into valuable breakfast time, resulting in the best part, which was that the lazy woman in control of these machines let about 4 more people go to that machine before finally realising she actually had to change the roll. Wow. Just wow. Such ineptitude!We did get through passport control and hand luggage checks quickly then it was time to seek out breakfast. Anywhere that sold a full English was up for grabs. The thing about Stanstead is clearly they have people who wander though their shops and spend money as there are more high end retailers than there are budget food places. Still, we found food, went in and ordered and asked for quick service to which the waiter replied “20 minutes but for you 10.” Not quite sure which time zone he was operating on but still, the food was quite quick. The drinks well and truly overpriced, especially when you knock one over, but delicious food that was wolfed down so fast I swear we left with indigestion, except for Nathan who didn’t quite grasp the concept of ‘eat it quickly, we have to go.’ Another annoyance of Ryanair, is that it tells you to go to gate but it could be between then and a few hours before you finally board. I mean it was military style, hot footing it to the gate only to find out they weren’t even boarding yet. We bypassed many toilets to make sure we got there on time which proved totally unnecessary! The flight was just over an hour and as we cane into land the views were beautiful. The other three just about woke up in time as we landed but I never sleep well on a plane. We disembarked and went to baggage reclaim where we waited and waited and waited for what seemed like a decade before our two cases finally came out. It honestly felt like forever. However, there was a sign pointing us to Hard Rock Cafe, which obviously we had to visit whilst here!Despite having food not long ago, then a sleep, that meant it was lunchtime. We had our bags and found ourselves in extremely close proximity to KFC. 😍. Trying to order what we wanted proved quite tough though as there was still a language barrier. It worked successfully though and it wasn’t long before our stomachs were full. Next challenge? Uber. There was a wait and we had to go to somewhere like B2 in the car park. We crossed into the middle of the car park, then again to the edge and we couldn’t find the meeting point. The Uber was going round and round and there were others who had no idea where they should be waiting. Thankfully the other English group got into their Uber so we waited where we were and finally it turned up. Half hour later we arrived at our hotel, Prague City Apartments.Wow we chose good. It was a stunning little apartment with two big bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/dining area oh and an epic view out the windows. We had windows that opened outwards so we could see into the city and it was beautiful! It didn’t take us long to dump our things, change and then head out into the city!What was amazing was that we had the top apartment on the top floor with its own flight of stairs, which had we not been a sensible group, could have proved troublesome. The exterior of the hotel was also stunning with the intricate detail and the lovely colour. Something often seen throughout the city!We were within walking distance of all the major landmarks in Prague and that began with seeing the Charles Bridge from a distance on our walk towards the main part of the city. The bridge looks so old in comparison to the buildings around it.

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