November, 2018

Wow. Thank you Nilla from Image Earth Travel blog for this nomination. Apologies also for the length of time it has taken me to actually respond! It’s amazing to receive a nomination from a fellow blogger and this nomination is for the Real Neat Blog Award.

Nilla nominated us back in November and for a variety of reasons, I have only just got around to actually writing my reply.I really appreciate the nomination Image Earth Travel – a phenomenal and extensive travelling site with breathtaking photos. – you really should check it out if you haven’t done so already!


Although a blogger doesn’t really need to participate in any award nominations, I don’t mind as it gives me a chance to show my appreciation to other bloggers. Plus, it’s free exposure should you wish to participate. Now for the rules:

  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
  • Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog, etc.)

My answers to Image Earth Travel questions…

  1. Do you prefer solo travelling or travelling with someone? Why?

My partner and I embarked on our first long term adventure for 8 months back in 2017 and whilst the decision was made to come home, we still continue our adventures. I have been on one holiday on my own and all other adventures have been undertaken with either friends, family or partner so I can’t really say which one I prefer. However, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to travelling on my own as I believe it would give even more of a sense of complete and total freedom.image

2. What is the very first country that you visited?

From what I can recall it was a trip to Disneyland Paris with my Mum, Grandma and Brother back when I was a youngster. Outside of that it was holidays to Spain, Cyprus and swimming training camps held in Spain and Malta.img_3889

3. Do you backpack or travel in luxury?

I would happily pack light, in a backpack and stay in hostels to experience new cultures than to travel in luxury. We drove across America for 24,000 miles staying in nice places and grotty places, camped and slept in the car. In Central America, we stayed in hostels and got the bus overnight between countries. It was only in South America after we spent 44 hours on the bus between Ecuador and Peru that we decided to jump on the planes to give us more time exploring the beautiful countries. Having said that, I am not opposed to the occasional holiday to an all-inclusive resort to soak up the sun, drink cocktails and relax.


4. How did you start blogging?

My best friend turned up at my partners house the day before we were due to fly out in April 2017 with a card for each of us. I had always said I would want to write about our adventures and usually I am a pen-to-paper kinda gal, however after some research, I set up this blog and almost two years later I am still enjoying sharing our different adventures with our readers.


5. Why did you choose your current blogging platform?

WordPress seemed so easy to set up and get going. On the road as Nathan was driving, I could open the app, write and upload photos just like that and share it via my social media platforms.


6. From what part of the world are the most of your blog visits?

The United Kingdom is where most of my views come from, however, people all over the world, even from parts of the world I haven’t visited yet, read my blog. Thank you so much!img_1735

7. Do you find advertising on a blog distracting?

I have tried to set up ads on my blog and think so long as they are relevant and not overbearing they can actual be beneficial, not distracting.

My nominations:

  1. The Tattooed Book Geek – a great book review website as well as a fabulous music monday!!
  2. Little Miss Traveller, Love Travelling – – a fab travel website which helps you plan your own adventures
  3. Travels in Finland and abroad by Sartenada – – multi lingual travel page with great hints and tips about where to visit and what to do
  4. Now boarding – Lots of travel tips as well as relocation and life in general
  5. Lipsticks and biscuits – an alternative view on veganism/vegetarianism travel

My questions for you…

  1. What is your favourite destination so far and why?
  2. Why did you start, and why do you continue blogging?
  3. Is your blog as successful as it you’d hoped or is it still a working progress?
  4. Upload your favourite photo from your blog and describe why.
  5. Describe something about yourself that isn’t mentioned in your blogs.
  6. How do you manage your time when it comes to blogging? Do you write posts and schedule them for publication or do you write as you go?

I hope that you guys have time to participate in this award. Looking forward to reading your responses and getting to know you better…

Emma 🙂