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“1st January 2019…Happy New Year from Manigod…🇫🇷”


Tuesday 1st January 2019

It’s officially a New Year! The first day of attempting to keep to resolutions, ‘new year, new me’ clichés and a soaring rise in gym memberships. For us, it was a small lie in, even for Team Extreme. I didn’t want to do anything really but Tom using his encouragement again, managed to get my lazy ass out of bed ready to seize the first day of 2019.The plan? Get the bus to Croix Fry, head down the green run, Perce Neige, which leads into the blue that took me the first couple of days, Les Prises, then to another blue, L’Envers, which would take us back into the beautiful town of La Clusaz. Despite wanting to be lazy, I was glad I got out of bed. It was another beautiful day. The run was long but nowhere near as steep as the day before. Nathan and Danie skied/boarded off again in parts whilst Tom stayed behind with me. I was quicker this time though! Until we got to the farmers field and I was determined not to fall off the edge to my death as it was so friggin icy. We pretty much followed the road we took into La Clusaz the previous day. My skiing was much better today. I was wishing we had longer here! Trust me to finally be able to succeed the day before were due to go home! It only took just over an hour on the run to ski from Manigod to La Clusaz. I was quite impressed with this time! I didn’t fall once, was incredibly proud of myself and I wasn’t even that sweaty!! Until this happened. Here I was thinking my best friend was coming in for a hug to say how proud he was of me…NO! Turns out, because I hadn’t fallen, it was only right I end up face down in the snow! Which I will add tastes disgusting. Amusing nonetheless. It was time for a hot chocolate. Wong and Ruby came to meet us. My legs, only being able to manage a morning of skiing, decided to pass on re-doing the run from yesterday, so Nathan and I took the run back to Croix Fry. This meant back up the wobbly gondola, down the green runs, Le Plateau and La Source, then onto the blue Les Prises, which was incredibly icy so seemed to take forever today. Then it was up the chair lift across the road and back down the red, Vérâtres into the town.We treated ourselves to a drink then Ollie and Alex appeared to join us. We were back at the restaurant with the great nuggets so we secured a table for 8 and waited for the others to join. Tom and Danie were first. They got down the New Years Eve run in about 5 minutes 😔. Then a little while later Wong and Ruby joined us. We’d already ordered and luckily food was quick as we were getting our usual bus back to the chalet. The evenings dinner consisted of a “shit mix.” Basically this was the meat left over from the bbq and a mixture of whatever was left in the fridge. Washed down with wine/beer, followed by a dip in the hot tub and “The Greatest Showman” on the box. What. A. Film. We now only had one day left on the slopes. 😔

Until next time…

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